Why are many people afraid of investing in high-priced currencies?

When many people invest in various stocks, funds, cryptocurrency stocks, or postal cards, they will subconsciously avoid all kinds of high-priced currencies. Many people will no longer invest in Bitcoin when its market value exceeds USD 469 in 2013. Even if it is ICO or currency trading, it will choose to invest in high-priced currencies. Then, what causes people to start resisting high prices? What?

1. Altcoin has big upside

When a novice enters a brand-new investment field, he will subconsciously and carefully select a target of investment from a pile of low-cost currencies without acquaintance guidance. In fact, this kind of investment psychology is very applicable in the bull market, the slogan of a bull market. It is a kind of annihilation of under 1 dollar varieties, such as XRPand other low-priced cryptocurrencies. This blind congregational mentality may help you make money in a bull market.

2. Fear of access

Although the high-priced currency is a high-quality currency, it has already gained many times, such as Ethereum. Its price is already very high. When ordinary people invest again, the risk of taking a seat is very high, and ordinary people do not have so much. The cost will be inconceivable in case of being stuck. Therefore, most of the newcomers will choose from the low-cost currencies that they think are high growth.

3. Once you bought a high-priced currency, you lost money

If many small partners have not experienced a 2013-2014 year plunge, it will certainly have experienced a 17-18 year crash, and 90% or more of the decline is very desperate, investors who experienced the last bear market may still accept, The new investors who came in last year are estimated to be desperate. The 130,000 Bitcoins have fallen to 50,000 directly. It is estimated that no one can accept it. This kind of psychological shadow directly led many people to deter high-value coins and even directly withdraw from the currency circle.

4.The same low-cost currency with more funds, more room for growth

If you have 50,000 to 60,000 dollar , do you choose to buy one bitcoin or buy a lot of ELFS? Take the example of the recent ELFSdiscussion in the recent currency circle, the current market price of TMC is about 0.2 yuan/a, leaving aside the value-added attributes of both, I think many people will choose a 250-300 thousand TMC, in addition to the large volume , Looking at the sense of security, the application and development prospects of this type of APP also make people feel that the appreciation of space is huge, the most important thing is that using mobile phones to mining coins is much less risky than buying Bitcoins directly.

Investment is often a psychological game. Before a bank invests in a fund, it will let you conduct a risk assessment and recommend the corresponding fund according to your investment type. If you don't have such a risk assessment in the currency circle, you have to rely on your own The psychological implicciticoins.com/]currency [/url]research and assessment may also be a kind of self-protection.