Looking to help advise/work with innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency companies!


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Any cryptocurrency/blockchain teams that are looking for an incredibly helpful adviser? I can help!

I'm currently advising an ICO that is on track to raise several million dollars already in its pre-sale (PM me for more details), and I've been doing research and development and working on their whitepaper. I've also worked on development and operations for several high-profile cryptocurrency/blockchain companies that I can send you info about. Here are all the things I have experience with and what I'd love to help out with:

  • Copywriting (e.g. whitepaper, articles, etc.)
  • Research/Analysis on different ICOs/protocols/etc.
  • Marketing
  • Community Outreach/Engagement
  • Sales
  • Web/App development
I want to get involved with some more cryptocurrency/blockchain teams that are working on awesome services/products/tools/platforms/protocols. If you're interested in getting an adviser or freelancer that's incredibly hard-working, uses outside-the-box thinking to solve problems, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get things done, feel free to reach out. I also have significant connections within the cryptocurrency space that can help as well.

If you're interested, you can either comment below, or send me a direct message if you're interested.
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