Ethereum Core Devs Debate Constantinople Hard Fork and "Difficulty Bomb" During Meeting - coinness.c

As previously reported by Coinness, Ethereum (ETH) core developers (devs) held their regular meeting August 24 on the progress of client implementation and tests of the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) for the upcoming Constantinople hard fork.

During the meeting, devs said that they are planning to push out another release "to have the whole thing completed" and finalize the mining release issue. Devs also decided to release new hard forks every eight months after the Constantinople hard fork. When it came to the issue of a "difficulty bomb," devs pointed out that EIP-858 would reduce block rewards to 1 ETH per block; EIP-1234 would reduce block rewards to 2 ETH; EIP-1295 would keep rewards to 3 ETH but will affect other factors such as the proof-of-work (PoW) incentive structure.
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