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Bitcoins have got a lot of advantages to offer and surely have some disadvantages too. In its early stages, Bitcoin was rapidly used in Money Laundering activities as well as Black Market operations, which gave Bitcoin a bad name. But things have started to change lately and Bitcoin is growing at a pretty fast rate now
I will advise young people who have some savings lying around to invest in the Bitcoin market. You should not miss out on once in a lifetime opportunity. I know that there are many disadvantages of Bitcoin but the advantages outweighs all of the negative aspects.


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There is doubt that Bitcoin has changed the financial system. People are going crazy over it and i don't blame them. You can see the explosion of Bitcoin from 2009 to now. If someone has some money to invest, then they should invest in this field of life. What do you guys say?
Bitcoin was a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies and first crypto ever made. I think that this is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin has the highest value from all other cryptos and why people still trust in it. Regardless of recent fall in price, Bitcoin will always have some value
I know that some people will say that this is the end of Bitcoin as the price has dropped drastically over the end of year period. I fully trust Bitcoin and I am sure that its price will rise in the near future. You just have to wait some time and see how things will turn for this king of Cryptocurrency.