[BTC] Daily Price Thread!


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Hard to make meaningful trades if there is sideways movement. Unless you are a day-trader or use algorithms to do frequency trading
Well I lost what I did back in December when it crashed. Had 42 LTC in December, then it crashed and I panic sold thinking it was the end days, I then bought back in, LTC dipped even more, switched over to ETH just before it's all time high then that crashed. Trading has done me no good. But that's definately good advice!
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Price on 12 April 2018 $8,119.96 Daily Thread to share with you bitcoin-related topics: The new cloud mining review Bitcoin Price Index provides the latest and most accurate bitcoin price using an average from the whole world's leading exchanges.
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The price has been fluctuating around $5000 to $6000 mark. This fiscal year has not been really good for the Bitcoin market. I hope that the next year will bring change in fortunes. What are your overall predictions of the cryptocurrency market? What maximum value will Bitcoin attain?