Profit from the 318,943,989 Coins from the GBMS TECH as Token for free.


GBMS TECH, is a unified cybersecurity platform for everyone using Blockchain technology.

Expanding on a breakthrough in affordable enterprise-level cybersecurity to create pro-level protection we can all benefit from including a monitored hardware and software solution that stops threats like no other.

It's a self funded project of a big independent community with a suitable strategy for a fair distribution and successful mass adoption for:

Businesses - Branding and Reputation

Service Staff - Recognition, Respect, and Gratitude

Customers - Better Purchasing Decisions through Customer Reviews

GBMS TECH Wallet and Affiliate

The GBMS TECH Core Wallet will be one of the first wallets that has integrated an own affiliate.

program in the wallet. So if you help your friends to setup a GBMS TECH masternode or to stake GBMS TECH you will automatically get 30% of their rewards,

Our journey has been very tough, but we have delivered our technology in aid of business customers, service staff, and consumers. In the early stage, we spend our personal money because we believe in our Technology, Mission, and Cause. Now, we are ready for our business expansion. We have removed investment and business risks from you and delivered. GBMS TECH as a customer accepting product. And now is the right time to profit with us through our business expansion plan to capture the highly lucrative global customer tipping market by participating in our ICO (https://www.gbmstech.io).

If you have any doubts, feel free to visit our website at https://www.gbmstech.io If you would like to test or verify GBMS TECH feel free to drop me an email at Ico@gbmstech.io, or reach me at Telegram (T.me/ATSToken)

We will be happy to setup a live working account for any of your favorite retailer, F&B, or corporate companies to establish and verify our claims.

So, I hope you will profit with us by investing in our business expansion, tokenize customer tipping, and uncover heroes amongst service staff. GBMS TECH solicits customer reviews and tipping to generate the demand for our tokens and propel our token price through our business ecosystem. The GBMS TECH token enjoys a high utility value and greatly differs from others due to the completion of our product, and with existing customers.

I sincerely invite you to embark on this profitable and meaningful journey with us and enjoy the fruits of our success and hard work. For more information, you can check out our YouTube videos on:-

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Yours Sincere