A Future with Bitcoin : Can Blockchain Change the World?

The real potential of the blockchain system comes from its foundation of decentralization, transparency and an unrestricted market. It exists to combat greed and middlemen and to give individuals ultimate control of their identity and activity. In a foreseeable blockchain future, we will see a world where our medical records are immediately available if we are in an accident; where online voting was possible; and where transparency was paramount and greed is disincentivized.

What is your opinion? Is the blockchain a perfect solution? Is it flawed? Comment below, I could love to begin the discussion!
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Many people are confused over this question. I believe that Bitcoin is a very good thing for the world. It has the potential to change the lives of countless people. I know that some people are wary over the money laundering issue. But it is my utter believe that issue will be solved in the future.
I believe that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has already changed the lifes of millions of people. A lot of people have earned a lot of money through it. I hope that the Blockchain technology will be used on an official level by the Governments. Do you see this happening in the near future?