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  1. Zanasu

    Satoshi T-shirt you can buy in bitcoin!

    It is my wish to see Satoshi Nakamoto once in my lifetime. If I ever met him, I would like to thank him for inventing something that has changed the lives of millions of people. We all should respect the privacy of him. What will be the one question or thing that you will ask him if you met him?
  2. Zanasu

    Who said #Bitcoin is a bubble?

    You can't stop people from speaking their mind. You can change their views by telling them Bitcoin bubble has not burst for the past ten years and it will not burst now. The number of altcoins have risen and is due to the success of Bitcoin. What do you guys have to say?
  3. Zanasu

    A Future with Bitcoin : Can Blockchain Change the World?

    I believe that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has already changed the lifes of millions of people. A lot of people have earned a lot of money through it. I hope that the Blockchain technology will be used on an official level by the Governments. Do you see this happening in the near future?
  4. Zanasu

    What has happened with ICOs this year?

    I believe that the best way to deal with these kind of issues is to expect everything and anything in this world. You have to be ready for everything if you have invested some money in the Cryptocurrency world. There is also a strong debate about banning the Cryptocurrency as a whole.
  5. Zanasu

    Bitcoin adoption by country: An Analysis

    I hope that majority of the world will open up to Cryptocurrency. I know that they will have their reservations about it but they can be solved. The success of Cryptocurrency is prominent and you can see it with the number of altcoins that have been launched in the last couple of years.
  6. Zanasu

    25.11.2018 GDPR turns 6 months old

    I agree that cyber security is now and will be a big issue in the future, hence some standardisation is necessary. However, it still does not mean a full on line protection as hackers are becoming more sophisticated with development of technology and software
  7. Zanasu

    News in ICO Market

    Crypto market is relatively immature market. We are still missing some basic inputs of major driver of this market. It takes time to be revealed. Current slowdown in ICOs I don’t find as issue to be worried about. I think that this market just need time
  8. Zanasu

    From Food to Factories, Blockchain Startup Says Digitizing Assets Can Transform the World

    I couldn’t agree more on the topic. Blockchain technology have enormous potential for application in many industries. This is why it has almost immediately gained popularity. It can impact decrease of costs of conducting business operations and many companies had recognized it
  9. Zanasu

    How to fix Google Play Store download pending issues

    I also had issues with download on my smart phone. I have spent time checking adivises on forums. It seems that sometimes it is just not possible for one application to be downloaded. There was also issue of not having enough memory on phone as some applications refuse to be downloaded on SD card
  10. Zanasu

    KYC rules in Crypto Netherlands

    I find that those are rules in all countries members of the European Union. So it is not only eligible for Netherlands. It is kind of logic for me. If a company want to have a legitimate business it needs fully to comply with local regulations. Same rules apply for companies in crypto business
  11. Zanasu

    Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine

    Major costs incurred in crypto mining are costs of electricity. Of course a better CPU would be helpful, but it comes with higher price. However, as long as price of electricity is at relatively same level and price of crypos is significantly higher, there would be some profits in crypto mining
  12. Zanasu

    What do I do if my Kindle will not turn on?

    I just adore my Kindle, but I also had same issues with turning it off on a several occasions. I have also found solution in pressing off button for some period of time. Although this solved the issue, I was just wandering if this is introduction to some bigger problem with Kindle
  13. Zanasu

    Trading strategies for crypto for trading on Olymp Trade

    I think that those options are made also for beginners under assumption that they have spent enough time researching and learning about options as well as spent time on demo account practicing it. Otherwise, options would not work for beginners
  14. Zanasu

    The Future of KYC

    If a company would like to have a legitimate business, then it needs to comply fully with official regulations in one country. Know your customer legislation is present in many countries as it has its benefits. In this sense companies in the field of crypto business would also need to comply